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'">lf ■■■"■■■■■■■■■ ■ -I ■ ■■' ' I ' ■■* 

ff>HN T wmiAMS HA;?^L 

1 lilt 



PS 10 [^ ill i] 19] 

University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne, MD 21853 

The BIG Picture 1 

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^> : 

-^ y-iS^ -^ 





#ge 96 






! 1 




The University of Maryland Eastern Shore had its or 
September 13, 1886. Initiated under the Delaware Conferen 
the Methodist Episcopal Church, it opened as the Delai 
Conference Academy in Princess Anne on the date with nin 
students and one faculty. In 1926, the College passed into 
complete control and ownership of the State and the University 
of Maryland was designated as the administrative agency. In 
1948, the Eastern Shore Branch of the University of Maryland, 
popularly known as Princess Anne College, became officially 
Maryland State College, a division of the University of Maryland. 
On July 1, 1970, Maryland State College became the University 
of Maryland Eastern Shore. Today, the university offers major 
programs leading to the B.A. and B.S. degrees in 26 disciplines in 
the arts and sciences, professional studies and agricultural 


LiMES ..M^b^4in^ / ZO <^^i 

The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) is a land-grant, historically black 
college founded in 1886 as the Delaware Conference Academy. Since it's beginning, the 
institution has had several name changes and governing bodies. It was Maryland State 
College from 1948 until 1970, when it became one of the five campuses that formed the 
University of Maryland. In 1 988, it became a member of then eleven campus known as 
the University of Maryland System. Now with thirteen campuses, the University is 
presently an intracat and important part of University System of Maryland. IMFS is 
accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. This year the 
University celebrates its 120th Birthday. It has been a symbol and a beacon of this 
community for the past 1 20 years. This university was once a small sapling, but now has 
grown to a great oak tree. Planted firmly and pt rnianily in the town of Princess Anne, 
the I niversity of Maryland Eastern Shore shall continue to serve this town, this state and 
the world for another 1 20 years. 




(Pictured Above) 
Convocation speaker Dr. 
Calvin Mackie, Ph.D. is 
author of the book "A Vie 
from the Roof-Lessons of 
Life and Business." He i; 
also a professor at Tulan 


(Top)Pictured from left to right. Rhett Burden, Jacob Bauer, 
Kesean Walker, Terry Tyler, Calvin Mackie, Ms. Gaile Aiken, 
Ashley Johnson, Stacey Woods, Andrea Weeks, Rita Adegbite. 

(Left) The UMES Gospel Choir gave their gift to the university 
through song. And what a mighty gift it was! 

120 Years 7 


Dr. Ihelina rhornpson 


J. T . Williams Hall 

l)i Rc^nald Brown, 
\'ice-President of Student Affairs 


Student Services Center 


8 The BIG Picture 


./. . ixonnie Piolden, 


Administrative Affairs 








|.T. Williams Hall 




Mr. Gains Hawkins, 
Institutional Advancement 

Alumni House 

Hawk Administration 9 

Brian Morton 

Editor in Chief 

To the Graduating Class of 20* 
aiid the students of The Universil 
of Maryland Eastern Shore 

There are many phrases 
help people view theii^ 
difierenth'. Some 
include, '^thii 
or "enlau 

p }o(jk at 
^a.c being 
art . Eac;li 
riifnibc]' holds 

zzr :'::■.: z-^::zz to 
f acli pci son's 
!-^ making a 
:; ii satisnes 

■;(M)(; this 


I; !<• as A 

^••^>;f^^;rfii^fiiv; .V;v ■•::,:-:■,,-,; . 

Karl Bin! 



Famous painter,^ggj|J|[|Pv(Mlwilz 
once said, ''Ic^^B'WifffWme . . . until 
I have f^s^mSKKfBmde the mgst of 
talent apd cultivated the seecMthat was^ 

glaced« me until the last Aall twig 
as a^kn." This year's bow. had a 
delivci" the mesMge that 
":'cti:re tlmi what 
1 AvoulcPike the 
{(> know tliat, as 















is wort 

;st(pj)ed oil to campus for 
IV. trie st^ed was planted. 
c ' :: ^ , the seed was 
>\ haid work, di.|igent 
fe c iianiiinu; ex-^erieriies 

^Wr?.c':c:-S'JT seniors, 1 

O -''it 

lem to go into the won 

\2:. g'j and :-. 
fve learned, to the best oi 
Be a demonsti alive exj 

hhe J::*,er::":_, '.? u 

LStrives to make 
_ picture is out jj 
i;!^laped. Make 

\nd words. 


1 2 7>ie BIG Pifturc 




i) n 

• r 


W T 

->' ">• 

'^y liWW^' 

/ -J 

Student Life 1 3 


No one can ever forget 
the hurricane that hit 

with such force 
and vengeance. 

was the deadUest 
hurricane in the history of 
the United States. It 
caused along 

much of the North- 
Central Gulf Coast of the 
United States. At least 
people lost their 
Uves in the and 

floods that followed. The 
storms estimated damages 
amounted to 

making it the 
costUest natural disaster in 
United States history. 

is a 
story that will forever be 
remembered in the 
of all citizens of the 
United States. 



HI 1 V ufafl 



The SGA showed their support at the Hurricane Katrina Visual. 

Pictured from left to right. 

Mauresha Spencer, Aliira Ali, Stacy Woods, Rita Adegbile, Ashley 

Johnson, Jacob Bauer, Eric Williams, Terrell Fleming, and Terry Tyler 





> f >^ 




"The Candlelight Vigil was an event I personally wanted the students of 
UMES to share. The idea was created first by thinking about the 
number of people who were immediately affected by the hurricane. 
During the summer months, I met with other HBCU students from the 
Gulf Coast to show our HAWK support. I hope that one day the 
families who were displaced due to Hurricane Katrina will be able to 
restore their homes and lives." 
- Terrell Fleming, past SGA President. 

Students came 
out to support 
and remember 
those who lost 
their lives in 
the hurricane. 

Katrina 15, 

The students of t 
front of the Ella Fi 

University of Maryland East 

Shore lined up ig^, 
I^PSI^T5Pn5ffiHH^T?W^^I5HfSr in of t^^B 

arrival of Floetry. Floetry is a female British R&B, neo soul, and h^^ 
hop duo, so they have something that everyone can enjoy. The di 
consists of singer/songwriter Marsha "the Songstress" Ambrosius 
emcee/songwriter Natalie "the Floacist" Stewart. After the opening a< 
Floetry took the stage and one could almost feel tl^u^gYgM: that tl 
brought to the room. Once they had gotten the stage ^^^Bf up, Floej 
performed some of there well known hits, such as, "Say Yes", ai 
Supastar," as well as some lesser known songs. The mood was set 
tbr !' >1e crowd was vibing with the two talented ladies. What real 
concert specia^wa^Floetry's ability to with 

lake thi^^^^^^kthey were part of the show. In fact, tl 
takii^^m^SSit the end of the show! The students ] 
of laid back ^^DL^as well as 

Jvi3eff1By' Floetry . 






'Deo/L DiQ/iy, ^^^ 

r applied io\it UniO-eASity o(j }A(M^&d SasteitR- 
SHonE today! TV so Qnxiou§..'"rV nao-ous but IV 
piietty SIM rV going iorhere&spkd.- i mrM . 

but r CM nexo-ous.Qboa-t being Qcr^epied TV ReiLQ-oas 
bemuse coStege, is going to be. Q QDmpkieSlv^ 
di\j^e]mt expeAieKCe (jOH ►i/ie. I don't iteoffy (enow 
iiJk^iolxpett rV (iiroiuued I^won't inteiQOi nil wii^ 
pe£AS weft I'stii CiOn't belieUe. I 
scRoofJ It Q?£ (jlerbu so jjost 

LolseisRa McmSey 

Deo/L 'Diaw^, 

It's ofj^jiCiai now! rW now wloQi 
cRopteiL o{)- ►viy Sifye. I AejQieD-edNly 
today! TV excitedlj-don't toe to wo/oiy abi 
being aCjC£pted anytviolie, but IV stiK. wo/uied^ 
bJending in at coKege. I'Dt afways bem a social 
■"AttajjJy in sdooS, but cofege is di(]-fjeA£Kt..I ik&k 

~'1, ten't sunle in. I COn't befceO-e IV about to 

ra&ge. JugRt now. TV scaMi, IV neiti^ous, IV 
anxious, and TV excited Tfcs is unbefieO-abk 
^A at host I toe one tfeng out ofy ^^ way. I'lre 
beeK accepted 

- Laleeisfca McmSey 

A f r&f|ftian'5 


' "octay r MDed,. at soiooL R iu'Li^te. (joM 
pQCieed tost nigfe and tR-m ^ad to ai^acfe tocj^y. I wid w^ 
Koowwiott. Sits> /i£aft) down to enxA and we. toa a tot h 
*^^won£. r tfcRle not uM get atoiAg weto I'De (jirfy QCjCepI 
lyQCt tRot r (M in Cofege. woux I (ye££ piLepOiied Qnd I ( 
tU SOiie r UDiffi peiilvOM to ^^ pOlLentS expectations. Mm 

,k;..njip. ooimo to tabe. souap. oettiwD (iSp,to. hdt oiMai T'l 

iiliSiiiliiiiiiiiiitf iiii' iiiiwrrn[iMf"rr7r"^ 

Mgll W i ll W'*^'?* ' !''' ' WW* *— 

co^npe£te ^^ vm. (ioo/uesiieet. 1 iKoaqu ths> mmi taie^ wit i 
about tiAjeuty tuinates, but wReK I aAiiiiled at At batooon/i tR-eiLe.' 
weiiE about one-^undned students in toe, T Gwi going to be. ^eA 

Its Christinas Ti 

In the 

Student Services C 

Ms. Monique Potter, Associate 
Director of the Student Services 
Center gets into the Christmas spirit 
by helping decorate the SSC with 
Christmas trees and lights. 

Christmas trees were decorated 
throughout the entire Student 
Services Center. Each office got into 
the Christmas spirit by decorating 
trees and putting up decorations. 


Mr. Mike Montocs, Director of 
ntramural Sports decorates the 
bowling for the Christmas season. 




The class of 2007 along with Rave Wireless (Hawk. Talk) and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity 
sponsored die second U.M.E.S. Next Top Model. The night was filled with beautiful 
\vonien compedng to see \\ho \\ill be the next U.M.E.S. Next Top Model. The seven 
contestants included students Shavla Hunter, Chermia Lucas, Dominique Suber, Regis 
Patterson. Aquila Williams. Ariana Forbes and Michelle Bynum. These ladies were judged 
on dieir abilit\- to ^^■alk the "cat walk", maintain their poise, the individual style and their 
presentation. The five judges for this event featured Student Government Association 
President. Sarah 'Wallace, Murph\' Hall Area Director Yahshikiah Williams, last years 
L.NLE.S. Next Top Model \sinner Dominique Calhoun and students Michael Moore and 
Arionne Carroll. 

The shf;w was hosted In the always energetic and crowd pleasing Senior and S.G.A. president 
for 200.5 - 2006, Terrell Mcining. Ncjt only was the event filled with beaudful models, the 
UMES' Dianiorifl Ddiur I cani jjcrformed and artist AR-L5 from Literscope Records 
performed a cfjuple songs during intermission. When it came to the end of the night there was 
only one winner. Five girls were eliminated, and the runner up was sophomore Regis 
Patterson. Sha\ la Hunter was name U.M.E.S.' Next Top Model. This^ event has become a 
huge hit f;n the f arn[jus aiicl the students can rujt wait to see who will be U.M.E.S' NEXT TOP 

22 The BIG Picture 

\ ^ 






Rfr' \% 
















1 ^ ^ 


, V .y^ ' s 






1. Miss UMES. Ashley Johnson and 
SGA President Sarah Wallace. 

2. Pictured from left to right Mister 
Freshman. Keith Tolber, Mr 
Sophomore Rhett Burden, Mister 
Junior. Jacob Bauer. Mister Senior 
Kescan Walker, Mister UMES Terry 
Tyler. Miss UMES Ashley Johnson, 
Miss Senior Stacy Woods, Miss 
Junior Andrea Weeks. Miss 
Sophomore Rita Adegbite, Miss 
Freshman Fatmata Sankoh. 

3. Mister UMES. Terry Tyler and 
Miss UMES Ashley Johnson. 

24 The BIG Picture 

The Royal Court consists of Mister 
and Misses from the following 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Alpha Nu Omega 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraturnity Inc. 
Ambiance Dance Company 
Carribean International Club 
Computer Science Club 
Diamond Dance Team 
Eta Rho Mu 
Groove Phi Groove 
Hawk Messenger Newspaper 
Human Ecology 

Omega Psi Phi 
Phi Alpha Delta 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraturnity, Inc. 
Sigma Tau Delta 
UMES Gospel Choir 




■ ' 


Y :im 


" Lost Treasures of Greece" 

"I paced back and forth in my dressing room, dragging my white embroidered 
gown on the linoleum floor, I realized that my "big day" had arrived. Friday, 
October 20, at 8pm, the night of coronation-the night that I and so many others 
worked so hard to make a success was finally here! 

The Ella Fitzgerald Performing Arts Center filled minute by minute, and with 
each minute, the butterflies in my stomach multiplied. My grandparents, aunts, 
uncles, cousins, and parents were all in attendance. I knew that if this night went 
well it would be a positive reflection on my reign as Miss UMES. 

Coronation is one of the biggest events at UMES. It has long been a campus 
tradition to celebrate the incoming king and queen. The position of Mr. UMES is 
fairly new and did not come about until 1996. 

Coronation gives the Royal Court (organizational kings and queens) the 
Imperial Court (class king and queens) the opportunity to represent their 
organization or class. Mr. and Miss UMES also have the opportunity to thank all 
the individuals who have played a role in their success... 

...It is a tradition to have a theme for coronation, the theme this year was 
"Lost Treasures of Greece." The stage was decorated with live statues, a back 
drop of Greece, a fountain, and a throne on which the Imperial Court, Mr. 
UMES, and I sat... 

..."Ashley, you are ambitious, and I truly admire your determination," said 
Carla Johnson, my mother. The entire night felt like a dream and I truly felt like 
the QUEEN!" 

-Ashley Johnson, Miss UMES 

4. Mister UMES, 
Terry Tyler, 2005 Miss 
UMES Shalani 
Vanterpool and current 
Miss UMES, Ashley 

5. Mister sophomore 
Rhett Burden and Miss 
Sophomore Rita 

6. Miss UMES stops to 
pose with some 
HAWKS who attended 

7. Vice- President of 
Student Affairs, Dr. 
Ronald Brown proudly 
crowns Miss UMES. 

Coronation 25 

26 The BIG Picture 

University of Maryland Eastern 
Shore (UMES) Department of 
Athletics kicked off the 2006- 
07 men and women's basketball 
season in fine fashion on Oct. 
1 3 with the annual Midnight 
Madness celebration. 

Magic 98.9 was on hand, 
broadcasting live with Bill 
Baker "The Rumpshaker" 
hosting the live remote. D.J. 
Blade from Force One 
Productions was also on hand to 
keep the party atmosphere 
going. The event also featured 
performances from the UMES 
Cheerleaders, The Diamonds 
Dance Team, and several other 
UMES ittiMidiin t organizations. 

The ni^thad the semi-finals 
and finals of the three-point 
shootout and slam-dunk 
contests that began. The 
Department of Athletics also 
planned a special treat in the 
form of a faculty /staff/alumni 

At apprpcimately 9:00 pm, the 
women's basketball team was 
introduced and played an inter- 
squad scrimmage game for their 
first official practice. One hour 
later the men took the floor for 
their first practice, also playing 
an inter^sguad game. 


lAthletic Department 

Midniglit Madness 27 

Below, students take time 
during their break-outs to 
pose for a picture. Students 
were required to dress in 
business casual attire. 

Righi. Mr. Walker, .\ssistant 
Director of Student .Activities 
explains to students how to 
deal with conflict in his break- 
out titled "Conflict 
Resolution and You" 

niMiviuuai UUC5» not II I It 

own concerns or those of W 
does not address the confli 

Avoiding might take the for 
sidestepping an issue, pes 
or simply withd 

Wife UP! 



Above, Ms. .Aprille Williams, 
Area Director of University 
Terrace poses in front of her 
power p<.)int for her break -out 
titled "Wise Up," Her break- 
out looked at the issue of 
financial empowermem from 
a woman's perspective. 

Righl, Ms. Aprille Williams 
teaches Studer' Aclivitics 
Director James Lunnermon, 
n how to do the electric slide 
during lunch. 

28 The BIG Pirture 




S ^^'^^^fci 


Above, Holiarin Hawks Vice- 
President Dontc Patterson 
and Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc. 
President Dc'Maris Hannon 
participate in the group 

meiy pursue his/her 
wher person if he/she 

a diplomatically 
oing an issue until a 
zing from a threatening 

The founder of The Minority 
Scholarship Quest Program, 
Ms. Jessica Johnson presented 
the students with hundreds of 
scholarships that obtained to 
their majors and interest 

OS A 's Annual 

Leadership Retreat 

On February 16-18, 2007 the Office of Student Activities hosted their 
annual Leadership Retreat titled "Leadership with Style" at the 
University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The student leaders of UMES 
had the oppoilunity to meet with other student leaders on campus and 
also participate in numerous workshops. 

The workshop presenters included Student Activities Director, 
Mr. James Lunnermon, 11, Student Activities Assistant Director. Mr. 
Dwayne Walker, The Minority Scholarship Quest Program Founder, 
Ms. Jessica Johnson, and University Terrace Area Director, Ms. 
Aprille Williams. Each workshop had a specific purpose or goal for 
the student leaders. One of the workshops included Mr. Lunncrmon's 
breakout titled, "Creativity and Advertisement in Leadership." This 
breakout was an activity that encouraged the students to think of 
creative and effective programs that students on campus could 
participate in. The goal was to not choose an activity that is usually 
performed on campus but an activity that would attract most students 
and keep them entertained and informed. 

The Retreat ended with a presentation from the Minority 
Scholar-ship Quest Program that showed students the scholarships that 
go unclaimed each year. This presentation had students excited about 
filling out scholarships and other financial aid. The student leaders of 
this campus were eager and excited to carry the information to their 

Student Life 29 

30 The biG Picture 

^f^ ^tc^.. 

The Realest Speaker in the 21st Century 

"I got the power, the power is in me!" is 
the phrase Fox Rich used to motivate the 
crowd into beheving that you hold the 
key to your own destiny. After 
overcoming a life full of struggles, Rich 
now travels around the country to 
Historical Black colleges empowering 
young minds to be aware of the 
significance of relationships. Not only the 
relationships you have with others, and 
the relationships you have in your 
community, but most importantly, the 
relationship you have with yourself. 
Her words sent shock waves through the 
audience as she candidly shared her story 
of imprisonment, and now she overcame 
adversity. Fox Rich ended with the quote, 
"It's my world, and I'm going to push," 
letting everyone know that nothing is 
going to change unless you put forth a 
little effort. 

Fox Rich 31 

Eileen Torres took her 
time and showed the class 
the basic steps to Salsa 

BIG Pirture 

The students at UMES welcomed back Eileen Torres, 
the great Salsa dancer and instructor. Eileen as she 
told them to call her, first explained the history of the 
dance. Suprisingly, the dance originated in Africa and 
then was taken on by the hispanic community. The 
dance steps were a challenge and made the student 
sweat, but her enthusiasm made the students excited 
and eager to learn how to SALSA!! Once the students 
learned the basic steps the music came on. Students 
passing by we shocked to see the class moving 
gracefully. One student said, "Is that Ambiance?" This 
experience was a real work out and a lesson that all 
the students who participated will never forget. 

Above, Copy Editor, Karl 
Binns learns the basic 
step. He should stick to 
copy editing! 

Below, Rhea Ruiz masters 
the basic step and adds 
her own flavor to the 

Latin Dance 33 

34 The BIG Picture 

Halloween Ball 35 

36 The BIG Uieiure 

Tt^lH'^ CXw 

Often times you will hear students say "this 
campus is boring," or "I have nothing to do." 
Well in this section I would like to show you 
where students "hang out" on campus. The 
Office of Student Activities spends countless 
hours planning events and activities for the 
students. They show some of the latest movies 
in the universities' movie theater and host 
parties in Tawes Gym. Motivational speaker 
like Fox Rich and Latin Dance instructor 
Eileen Torres are just a few people that the 
Office of Student Activities has brought to 
entertain and motivate the campus 
community. Each week is filled of events, 
games, movies and social activities for the 
students. The majority of the events take 
place inside the Student Services Center (SSC) 
in either the rotunda or ballroom. 

Campus 37 

'^ ^% 

The Game Room and Bowling Alley are located inside the Student Services 
Center. This area gives the students the opportunity to play ping-pong, chess 
and checkers. The game room is also equipped with a billiard room and 
arcade wall. The bowling alley is another exciting feature of the SSC. At 
night, students can listen to the latest songs and bowl under the black lights. 
Students can pay for all these services with their HAWK cards or spare 

Game Room and Bowlinsr Allev 39 




^ y 

The Hawk's Nest also offers 
the students the option to eat 
in the dining hall, which is 
equipped with several 
televisions. This area is great 
for meeting with friends or 
with colleagues while enjoying 
a meal cooked fresh from 
open grill. 

The Hawk's Nest gives the 
students the option to 
purchase combo meals such as 
chicken wings and french fries 
or the famous cheese steak 
subs or the fried fish 

Students can enjoy a well balanced breakfast, a delicious lunch an 
esqusite dinner with options of numerous meats, vegetables and pastas. 
After dinner students can taste icecream , cake, pie, and cookies made 
fresh by dining services. 

The dining service staff 
prepares breakfast, lunch, and 
dinner for the students 
starting at 7;30am. 

While dining students can 
watch the latest music videos, 
eatch up on their favorite 
sports team or watch national 
or local news on the "Cafes" 
numerous televisions. 

HangOut Spots 4 1 


Aside from the Student Services Center, the Waters Hall computer lab is 
the other social hub of the UMES. Built in 1950, Waters Halls was the 
cafeteria and dining facility until 2001, when renovation began. The 
transformation from cafeteria to state-of-the-art information technology 
center, began in 2002 and was completed in April 2004. Now students can 
come to Waters Hall to check their e-mails, type papers and lab reports, do 
their math homework on Math Excel, bust most importantly get on 

One can also seek technical assistance from the qualified members of the 
Information Technology department. The coffee shop was recently added 
to Waters Hall, where students can purchase hot or cold beverages and 
pastries, to keep their stomachs' from rumbling while they are hard at work. 

Water's Hall is an environment for 
students to study and do 
homework on the computers and 
in the lobby area. 

The Hall also has a fully functional 
coffe shop that ser\es hot fresh 
coffee, tea. and cappicino along 
with bagels and muffins. 
During final exams the hours of 
operation change to meet the needs 
of students. Most nights during 
exams the hall is open twenty-four 
hours for those late night studiers. 

HangOut Spots 43 

Tf^-sfe-icK r^0H4r(^Wr Uk^^^&yr 







^IfG Picture 

Students who study in the libran' can check out 
laptops that are ^vireless ecjuipped. The^' may 
also check out books, magazines, and other 
studv materials at their leisure. 

The Frederick Douglass Library 
functions as a viable component 
of the University's academic 
progi^am through an organized 
structure which embraces Public 
and Technical Services. There 
are nine closely inteiTelated 
departments which render 
academic support services to 
students who engage in 
undergraduate and gi aduate 
study, continuing education and 
research, and also to faculty who 
employ both traditional and 
innovative methodolog)' in the 
teaching-learning process and 
research of the university. 
Rendering service to the entire 
university community in support 
of teaching, research and service 
is the primar)' puipose of the 

The Libran' serves as a place 
for students to study and read in 
a quiet environment. It also 
holds the campus' histon' and 
books that help students in all 
areas of studies. 

The library staff is friendly and eager to assist 
students in finding anything they may need. The 
staff also offers a class that assist students on fmding 
information in the libraries databases. 

The Librar\ 






'1 / 

riif BIG Picture "'"^ 





Sports 49 


Leah Amunc 
Maja Balstic 
Kim Braxston 
Stephanie BT 




Holiday Eller 
Adora Luster ' 
Yael Rozner ' 
Kate Smith 
Chanita Wesley 
Caylin Woodwan 




\'olle\ ball b 1 



MpaA^ ^ia,- 


'. BIG Pirture 


Greg Ennis 
Scot Give 

xr ■ T T 

Justin Hoban 
Anthony Jacl< 
Jason Janeski 
Dustin Long-C 
Joel Maher 
Pete Mayta 
Brad Powell 
Ronald Quick 
Brandon Records^ 
Ken Richardson 

ipMike Roberts 
Matt Russell 
Morgan Schirr^' 

•^Daniel Sterlii| 
Bernie Stratch 
James Walls 
Brian White 
Mihael Willey , 


-r w w 

■* # #■ 

#■ # 

# ^ 

[Ajon^jsn ir *Sypfeikv 



* ? 

' Jenille Ed^rds 




Taniya Garc.^ . . 
Kristen Greerwood 
Shakeyah Habib 
Eriel Jeffrey i 

R'exa Oliver 
Heatjier Patnofie 
~L Saunders 
Jarpce 'Turner 
Candace Tyler 
Nicole Wilson 

'iUSrSZ/:i^4^. TT 




Christopher Cla^e^ 
Harold Fowler |^ 
Andrew Graham 
William Ntirengar 
Kapila Pilmatauwc 
Kishan Sudusinghc 
Aossatou Ba ^ 
Fatoumata Ba 
Kyndal Chapman 
Yamada Dorsey 

adia Flores Hernandez 
Sashonna Leak 
Obehioye Okojie 
Haaveshe Sawyer '^ M 
Tonaio Swangin / * 


60 Y\w. BIG Picture 

Tennis 6 1 


Katie Giszewski 

62 The BIG Picture 

^ Sar3|iDKcioscia 


Christine Kipg 

Kristie Minnis"' 

.4^egan Raymond 

,if%[arion Sijrigteton 
Jessica Smjfhso^ 
Michelle Wallac. 
Jessica Worsle|fe|, 
Laura ZanrucM 

tv^t'" •*■■ v^ 

k^ msiss' 





The U]VIES> Gdf 
opened on FebiT 

2004 and began ^. 

students, and yoi)jth who 
attend the campu^ during 
the sumrner mpnthfe. Tl 
golf a'cademy now K " 
self service, drivin! 
located on the campus. This 
gives everyone in ^ the 
community, students 
and staff the opportunity to 
practice Xheir swing or learn 
the art of golfing. Not only, 
is there a driying fange, but 
there is also an indoor 
puttm^g area ahd classroom. 
The students can have their ^ 
techmdud critgued in the^ 
classroom; befofe^'going out 
on ^the' driying range. The 
goal_^.th^' class is to teach 
students the benefits and the 
excitement you can gain 
from thd game of golf. 




f ^ ' '«£r«I^H 


gf -^^ 




» ■ 



m- '■ y^i^ * ] 

I M£4C 

1 184 

^^^^BL-^^^t ^^^^ 31^ ^^^^^^^^^H^ 



^HJ^nR^ii ^^ISVl^^^ 


f Jeffrey Meyers 
-J Chibueze Njoku 

Kendell Quashie 
Dwaype Robinson 
Alfred Singd^fc ~ 
Jamahl Stracff^' 

Ihe BK; Picture 




am • 

Can^B; Anderson 
Virginia Attakumah 
Sherie Brown 
Janeth Chelangat 
Betty Chumbe a 
Ariana Forbes | 
Tackesha Gordon 
Sherita Harriott 
Merrecia James i 
Cierra Layne 
Raynelle Luckett 
Soledad Maurice i 
Jasmine Montgomery 
Danieth Pryce ^i 
Nikita Williams-? 

I'-r-io • 1 TAJ*' ■ 1 ; .^ 


Track 67' 

irton ' 
Jeffrey Meyers 
Chibueze Njoku 
Onyebuchi Okezie 
erome Pyuzza 
^endell Quashie 



'^and^ce Anderson^ 
V^ginia AttakumalJ 
Sh^rie Brown 

Janeth Chelangat - 
Betty Ghumbe 
^riana Forbes 
Tackesha Gordon 
Sherita Harriott 
Merrecia James 

H^Cierra Layne ""^s^ 
Raynelle Luckett 
Soledad Maurice 
Jasmine Montgomery 
Danieth Pryce \ 
Nikita Williams 
Tanisha Wisdom 



1 Miib 


HH, Picture 


^H!M^Orci ^fo©=fesiicC 




Aj Jackson 
Kersey Sturc 
Chris Brown 
Ramoinje McLaughlin 
Martin Wallace 
Scott Mays 
Donnell Queen 
Kevin Wade 

ector: Michael Matos 

^ A 

"^"^■J ij 


#* >-. 



j^^ "•' 







^^5^ mM f'AmK 






roarea w^ showing off theii^ 

organizations colors and paraphernalia. The crowd responded] 
with the same enthusiasm when an organization would bust out^ 
with their chant or "call." But what started this competition ofi 
steps? i 

Stepping began with groups of guys singing acappella, and' 
l^en groups like the Temptations and the Four Tops were^ 
't)opular in the 50's and 60's brothers started mimicking theiil 
steps. This was how stepping evolved. This is why it is calledl 
"Stepping" now. Brothers would try to come up with the best 
steps while they were singing to please the ladies. If you got th^ 
ladies you got more recruits. M 

Much like it is today. 9 

I Others say that stepping replaced the doo woop sounds m 
ibardigan sweaters of the 50's. At around the same time as^H 
|;"Black Power" Movements and Africa centered movements of 
J60's, stepping started to flourish with the incorporation of som& 
[traditional African ritual dancing and the incorporation of othei: 
lelements like cheer leading, tap, gymnastics, etc. Over the years 
^stepping has become very intricate and demanding, incorporating 
fe^s, high levels of gymnastics and other elements found in 
L sports. Please note that some people want to give the credit 
e South African Boot Dance, but it would be ui " " 
fthing tliat stepping was in the beginning and it, 


^tt^i^n ^3^^Hr 

^ Opening Act - Diamonds 
^ Skit 

Tale 1 - The Bold and the Beautiful 

Jale 2 - Styles of Baltimore that take over the Street 

Tale 3 - C & C Antiques 

Tale 4 - Bags, Bags and more Bags 

Tale 5 - GA 

Tale 6 - SKEEMO Sports Wear 

Christopher Menedez 
Unawndi Teal 
.Kandice Long 
ley McElve 


Tamekka Corbett 

Jerry Osboume 
Skeemo Sports ^ 



S ■ri'Ti 


Entertainment Connection put together a Casino ; , 
the students. The baUroom was transformed into a i^a^ 
Vegas casino with a taste of New Orlean's Mardi Gras. j 
Each student that entered the casino was given fakq 
money to gamble at the black jack tables, or the craps table! 
or play poker. Once the students lost all their money the>^ 
could release that anger by sumo wresthng with a friend^ 
The students would put on sumo wrestling outfits and stei^ 
into a ring and wrestle until they passed out fronife 
exhaustion. After losing all your money and your energy 
you could go to the bar and have a virgin strawberr^ 
daiquiri prepared by The Office of Student Activities and 
SGA. While enjoying their daiquiri and some frestl 
jmapcom, students could wait in Hne to have theil 
gcature drawn by two artists. ' 

Office of Student Activates and the Studen 

iment Association once again put together an even 

it entertained the students in a safe environment an( 
towed them to experience something different and 

;^*— 5 » 


ES HAWKS flocked iipi^a«iym f) 

lecoming Pep Rally. In attendance was Student 

Ivities Director James Lunnermon II, Student 

bmment Association President Mauresha 

jticer, Miss UMES, Ashley Johnson, and a host of 

led HAWKS geared up for Homecoming. 

|ents had the opportunity to participate in 

lierous events including a free throw shooting 

^Jest, a "Chicken Noodle Soup" or "Walk it Out" 

i;lx)ntest and UMES own Basketball All Star Game. 

Students were encouraged to participate in the event 

and show their HAWK PRIDE. The HAWKS were 

getting excited for the week full of fun activities and 

fahe Homecoming Game. The Pep Rally was a little 

^different from the Old School Pep Rally put on by 

the Alumni. The "New School" Pep Rally consisted 

of the latest music played by the DJ and a dai^ 

[contest. But one thing still remained, HA\\W 





aturday, Febmaill)llMli,lipiiii,', the Alumni of Ul 
pved the young Hawks how they use to do their 
.mvailies back when the university was Maryland L- 
iCoUege. Before the event began, former hawks soared into 
iTawes Gym and beginning remanising about past pe] 
iraUies and football games. One Hawk talked about th. 
I homecoming parades that took place in the town o 
I Princess Anne. Former queens of different organization! 
[got together and began talking about the "good times" they^ 
Jhad representing their organization. The alumni camf 
Idressed in the best Maryland State paraphemaha and wave' 

their pom-poms and UMES fans. fl 

P The event began with the infamous funeral proces^^ 

The purpose of the funeral is to symbolize the death of th^ 

I opponent that they were playing that day. The corpse fol 
the day was the Morgan State Bear. The Hawk "Comeback! 
Choir sang Hawk Hymns as the family of the deceased 
(Morgan Bear) walked in, along with the Hawk Clergy. The 
obituary was read by Mrs. Rev. Abba Dabba Blue and the 
leulogy was given by Bishop Spiked Ike and the always 
^entertaining Rev. Abba Dabba Blue. 

The Old School Pep Rally brought back fond memtfflj 
'*'^.the former HAWKS and showed the current HA>^^ 
w to "Shu-Wa" and to really have HAWK PRIDE!! \ 



and Leadership: Celebrati 
kst as a Gateway to the Future 

On Friday, February 23, 2007 the Alumn 
and the present HAWKS had the opportunity 
to meet and greet one another. Th( 
Homecoming Leadership Luncheon wai 
hosted by Dr. Veronica Gerald, Class of '72 
The student of leaders of UMES were ii 
attendance and learned how the "Marylanc 
State" Alum hosted a homecoming. Then 
was a "Pass the Mic" session which ggn 
everyone the opportunity to tell a memora 
story or ask any questions. As everyone! 
lunch the ballroom in the Henson Center wa 
filled with laughs and memories. It was ; 
learning experience for both past and futixc 












' ^^^^^m^i 








. *^ 1 











AFua A. Addo-Atuah 

Cianno C. Ajoavon 

Bolajoko M. Akinboluserc 


Stephen A. Alt 
Aviation Science 

Jovell P. Andrewa 
Criminal Justice 

Dennis K. Awuah 
Criminal Justice 

Tesfahun A. Avalew 

Je Dell Batson 
Criminal Justice 

Nateria Bennelt 



Dominic Bowers 

Sharde Bushrod 
Human Ecology 

Ibrahim O. Badru 
Engineering Technology 

Yolonda J. Ballard 

Shameke D. Barley 
Applied Design 

SabrinaC. Battle 
Hotel Resturaunt Mgmt. 


Chara J. Batty 

Kristie N. Baxter 
Applied Design 

Marica E. Baxter 
Business Administraion 



Nicole L. Baylor ,, 

Business Administration I 

Ronnie H. Beard Jr 
Criminal Justin 

Ida R. Blake 
Business Administration 

FaJlyn I. Blanks 

Mark J. Bounds 
Business Administration 

Patrice B. Brooks 
Rehabilitation Services 

Thomas C. Brown 
Criminal Justice 

Demar A. Brunson 

Krystal C. Bryson 
Rehabilitation Services 



Kristopher J. Bule 

Aaron G. Burlkey 

Christine D. Burnett 
Criminal Justice 


Gareth D. Burrowes 
Computer Science 

Kristen N. Butler 

Tiara M. Butler 
Human Ecology 

Paris Chambers 
Criminal Justice 

Kia Coleman 

Dominique N. Calhoun 
Human Ecology 





Dominique Carr 
Rehabilitation Sei-vices 

Arionne D. Carroll 
Applied Design 

Charmia Carter 

Stephen K. Carter 
Criminal Justice 

James E. Carter Jr 
Hotel Rest. Managemnet 


Eric C. Clark 

Antionc Cobb 
engineering Technology 

Tamekka L, Corbctt 
Human Ecologgu 

Jacqucniinc P, Cornish 




.lamcl R. Cornish 
Criminal Justice 

.lohnathan Cottle 
Business Admin. Marketing 

Chakita A.Crcws 

Meyosha Crippcn 
Sociolog/Sociakl Work 

Shannon L. Cross 

Essscnce Dentbey 
Exercies Science 

Mia N. Davidson 

Nia C. Davis 
Rehabilitation Services 

Patnee D.Davis 
Rehabilitation Services 



Sherylin D. Davis 
Rehabilitation Services 

Victoria N. Davis 

Danyel Daye 
Rehabilitation Services 

Maurice J. Deville 
Engineering Technology 

Vernon L. Deshields 
General Studeies 

Daniela Dinkins 
Criminal Justice 

Katrina M. Dixon 

Douglas L. Dobson 

Enka C. Dobson 



Samantha L. Durrant 
Criminal Justice 

TaneriaC. Eborn 
Business Administration/Mkt 




1 ~i - '^^ 




Chineye D. Emeche 

Ebonie D. Emelle 
General Agriculture 

Anthony F. Epps 
Computer Science 

Abidemi O. Fadiji 

Treshawnna M. Fayson 
Business Administration/Mkt 

Michael L. Fooks 
Hotel Rest. Management 

Nikeisha Green 
Criminal Justice 



Shaunte J. Gabby 

Crystal A. Gallion 
Rehabilitation Services 

Andrew Gates 
Aviation Science 

Shurcllc R. Gaynor 
Business Adminstration-Mkt 

Ky-lsha L. Gilbert 
Criminal Justice 

Jarrcl A. Graham 
Business Adminstiotion 

Alciia S. Grandison 

Koconia D. Greene 
Rehabilitation Services 

Kaylisha CJross 

Hall mm 


Megan Hall 
Criminal Justistice 

Shelita Hampton 
Hotel Rest. Managment 

Demaris R. Hannon 
Exercise Science 

Natasha R. Harden 

Marcus A. Harley 
Criminal Justice 

Terrell V. Harris 
Hotel Rest. Management 

LaTisha C. Hawkins 
Criminal Justice 

Lakeisha N. Hayes 
Criminal Justice 

Victoria Hayes 
Hotel Rest. Management 



Crystal M. Holland 
Sociology/Social Work 

Rochelle Hooper 
Criminal Justice 

TiaC. Howard 
Criminal Justice 

Jordan Ross Humphreys 
Business Administration-Mkt 

Janeel L. Hurley 
Criminal Justice 

Quentin P. Izlar 

Caria Jean-Baptistc 

Rocky Johnson Jr 

Shelby Jones 
Human Ecology 




Shawnteal N. Jackson 
Criminal Justice 

Christina K. Jackson 
Rehabilitation Services 

Eli ne Jean 
Sociology/Social Work 

Pharoah Jefferson 



^Sf- -Vy ^H 




Ashley Y. Jemifer 


Regina L. Jewett 
Rehabilitation Sei-vices 

Ashley S. Johnson 

Ciarra N. Johnson 
Criminal Justice 

Kenise L. Johnson 
Sociology/Social Work 




Shamona Johnson 
Computer Science 


William E. Johnson III 
Criminal Justice 

Charlotte M. Jones 
Cociology/Social Work 










LynetteM. Jones 
Business Admministration 

Nachell T. Jones 
Rehabilitation Services 

Tiffany T. Jones 
Aviation Science 

Lindsay M. Joyner 

Aisha Khan 

Fatu Kanu 



Olamide Kassim 
Business Administration 


Solome M. Kantongole 


Leonard Kibet 

Jae E. Kim 

DayleM. King 

Siobhan Littlefield 
Computer Scence 


Arica J. Lacey 

Tabatha S. Latimer 
Criminal Justice 

Tonya M. Lewis 
Criminal Justice 



Angelique M. Livezey 

Tynice S. Lovett 
Human Ecology 

Krystie J. Lynch 
Criminal Justice 



l^v ^&. 


Kristin N. Lyon 
Hotel Rest. Managment 

Tracey Macks 
Criminal Justice 

Natnael Menetsha 
Business Administration 


Mounia A. Marshall 
Hotel Rest. Management 

Brent G. Martin 
Exercise Science 

Rachel F. Martin 
Criminal Justice 



Malik L. Mathis 
Computer Science 

Scott L. Mays 

Elizabeth McCallum 
Human Ecology 

JamalC. McElvey 

Lorenzo McGhie 

Charmira T. McKoy 
Criminal Justice 

Ramone L. McLaughlin 

Alicia D. McLean 

Nicole R. McKenzie 
Construction Mgmt. Tech. 



Kwasi Mcmanus 
Hotel Rest Mgmnt. 

Donnell Leopold Meadows 
Business Admin. Marketing 

Shaina L. Medley 


lelma O. Meeks 
Criminal Justice 

Petronia F. Mercer 
Human Ecology 

Amy M. Mills 
Special Education 

Lakeisha Shawana Mitche 
Criminal Justice 

A, Mohler 
. Services 

Devon Nicole Moore 

ir^^i Moraros 

",','. 'v.-i^vv; 


Nikolaos S. Moraros 

Tristan L. Morgan 
Business Administration 

Kera Morris 
Mathematics Education 

Christopher A. Morrison 
Computer Science 

Ebonie N. Moultrie 
General Studies 

Daniel Elton Nelson 
Computer Science 


Tamyra T. Nelson 

Martha Nyan 

Sowah K. Odoi-Atsem 
Construction Mgmnt. Tech. 



Michael Okulu 
Computer Science 

Tosin Folajimi Osho 
Construction Mgmnt. Tech. 

Sekiyat A. Otunba 
Business Administration 

Lynnetta V. Parsons 

Tiara Yvette Patterson 
Criminal Justice 


Keturah Polius 

Brittney D. Powell 
Computer Science 

Elizabeth I. Pruitt 
Physician Assistant 

Dominique D. Pumphrey 
Criminal Justice 

mm Reynolds 


Brittany Reynolds 

Jane K. Raddar 
Rehab. Services 

Thomas B. Raiford 
General Studies 

Michelle J. Randolph 

Alycia Reddon 
Construction Mgmnt. Tech 

Delonte T. Reid 
Criminal Justice 



m ^r ^H 


p. ^ -'■^ 



m if 

AUcia D. Rhoades Jhamyllia C. Rice Jessica F. Richardson 

Business Admin. Marketing Environmental Science Business Admin. Marketing 



Shanna D. Richardson 
Hotel Rest. Management 

Tiera F. Richardson 
Sociology/Social Work 

Shakira G. Robinson 
Business Administration 


Aneesah H. Russell 
Criminal Justice 

Geoffrey K, Rutto 

Charles L. Ryall 
Special Education 

Ronalda Sawterr 
Business Administration 

Nicole Scott 
Exercise Science 

Liane Seaforth 
Sociology/ Social Work 



Hope L. Shackleford 
Criminal Justice 

Anna Sherman 
Human Ecology 

Jason L. Shipp 
Master of Arts in Teaching 

Stephen M. Shorter 

Alfred K. Singoei 

Tatiana L. Smith 
Business Admin. Marketim 

Damien L. Sowell 
Criminal Justice 

Audrey S. Spence 
Human Ecology 

Lateya N. Sport 





Monica D. Stevens 

Natalie M. Summerville 

Sholabomi Tokosi 
Rehabilitation Sei^vices 

Terry Tyler 


Connie L. Taylor 
Special Education 

DesireeM. Taylor 
Criminal Justice 

^Antoine M. Thomas 

Tiffany T. Thomas 
Criminal Justice 

Tylethia M. Towles 



Arthur V. Valentine 

Krystle A. Vaughn 
Business Admin. Marketing 

Whitney Wilson 
Business Administration 

Kesean A. Walker 
Criminal Justice 

Earl R. Wallace 

Ashley T. Ward 
Special Education 

Rachel Y. White 
Music Education 

Tracey L. White 

Zkia L. White 
Criminal Justice 



LaVada M. Wilkins 
Business Administration 

Karen D. Williams 
Business Administratiion 

Kurt A. Williams 
Hotel Rest. Management 


Olusegun Williams 
Criminal Justice 

Stephani J. Williams 

Donnell Williams Jr 
Busines Administration 

Tahsa M. Wilson 
Human Ecology 

Jennifer Wisdom-Cofie 
Business Admin. Marketing 

Morgan M. Wixon 
Special Education 




/^B^ ^B 

1 1 ;i 

Salem M. Woldekidan Sheria J. Wooden StaceyM. Woods 
Business Administration English English 

Doney D. Wortham 
Computer Science 

Dionne Wright Austine N. Young 
Criminal Justice Business Administration 

^^m ^^W '^H 


;| Tiara C. Zollicoffer 
j Human Ecology 




.■\shle>' Shemieka Johnson was bom on 
August 6. 1985 in Louis\ille. 
KentuckN . Currenth' she resides in 
Baltimore. Maryland, .\shley is the 
proud daughter of Carla and Darrold 
Johnson and younger sister to Darrold 
Johnson. Jr. Ms. Johnson, a senior 
majoring in English non-teaching, has 
been extremeh acti\e with 
organizations on campus. She has 
been imohed in several student 
organizations including HAWK 
Messenger Newspaper. Sigma Tau 
Delta International English Honor 
Society-. National .Association of the 
Ad\ancement of Colored People 
(N.A\CP). and .-Alpha Kappa Alpha 
Soriet)'. Incorporated. .Ashley finds it 
rewarding to not only be a member of 
the H.AWK. family, but to be involved 
and stand for something on campus! 
.Ashley has also been involved in 
several community service projects 
such as; participating in an after school 
tutoring program, visiting elementary 
schools, aiding in the Seagull Century 



% X ^1 


\\k^ Ji^^ 


k^wpB %?^^^ 

wwr-W' y^ 

^A ' an 


Bike-A-Thon for Leukemia, and 
fundraising for the Salvation 
Army. Ms. Johnson plans to 
attend graduate school and 
piirsue a career in broadcasting 
as a newspaper reporter. Ashley 
knows that she is truly blessed 
and does not take anything for 
granted! She knows that she can 
make a difference in our world 
and is willing to do whatever the 
Lord has planned for her! 
Ashley lives by Mark 1 1:23 
"...Whatever you ask for in 
prayer, believe that you have 
received it and it will be yours." 
She believes that you should live 
each day like it was your last 
day, for tomorrow is not 

Biography courtesy of the Office of 
Student Activities 

Ashley's Favorites 

Favorites Food: Seafood 

Favorites Vacation Spot: ' i 

Favorite Hangout Spot on Campus: The Cafe 

Favorite Color: 

Favorite Candy: Snickers 

Favorite Icecream: Cookie Dough 

Favorite Cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch 

Ficlured Left to Right 

University of Maryland Eastern Shore Alumni Stephanie 
Cirissom, Miss University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Ashley 
.lohnson, and Student Government Association President 
Maurcsha Spencer. 

124 The BIG Picture 







lissLJMES 12: 

Tern Lee SaNant Tyler, the proud 
son of Wanda and Tern.- Tyler was 
bom on September 5. 1985. He 
currendy resides in Bowe. Mar\land. 
Upon graduating with honors from 
Bowie High School, he received the 
state pf Man. land Scholastic .Award 
for being in the top 5 percentile of his 
graduating class. He entered the 
Uni%ersity of Maryland Eastern Shore 
as one of the elite Honors students. 
Tern has maintained the scholastic 
requirements of the University's 
Honor program. A. senior majoring in 
.Accounting with a minor in Business 
.Administration. Tern.' has been 
recognized for his academic 
achie%ements v\hich entail three 
consecutive years as a National 
Dean's List recipient. Terry has 
invoKed himself in several activities 
and organizations: the National 
.Association for the Advancement of 
Colored People fNAACP), the 
National Association of Black 
.Accountants (NABA) and the Business 

Management and Accounting 
Department Honors Society 
(Sigma Beta Delta). He has also 
worked in several offices and 
departments across the campus 
such as, the University's Post 
Office, Career Services, Dining 
Services, the National Youth 
Sports Program (NYSP) and the 
Financial Aid Office. After 
graduation in December 2007, 
he plans to pursue graduate 
school and one day with the help 
of the almighty father, become a 
entrepreneur of his own fortune 
500 company. Terry lives by 
Romans 3:23-24, " For all have 
sinned and fallen short of the 
glory of God, and are justified 
freely by grace through the 
redemption that came by Christ. 

The biography is courtesy of the Office 
of Student Activities. 

Terry's Favorites 

Favorites Food: Fried Chicken 

Favorite Type of Music: 1 > 

Favorite Hangout Spot on Campus: SSC 

Favorite Color: Red and Blue 

Favorite Candy: Now and Laters 

Favorite Icecream: Vanilla 
Favorite Cereal: Frosted Flakes 

Pictured from Left to Right 

Mister Freshman, Keith Tolbert, Mister Sophomore 

Rhctt Burden, Mister Junior, Jacob Bauer, Mister 

Senior Kcsean Walker, Mister University of 

Maryland Eastern Shore, Terry Tyler, Miss 

University of Maryland Eastern Shore Ashley 


1 26 The BIG Picture 




C* >*^ 1 

' • 1 - . 




A^O f 

Catholic Ministr 

Ldvisor: Mrs. Regina Yankalunas 

[embers •.Chinyere Odigvve (President 
|Anthonia Adegbesan (Vice President) 
Joe'Ella Caddie (Treasure!") 
Ifunanya Eneziiagu (Secretary) 
Ekene Aguh (Organizational King) 
Vivian Oshokoya (Organizational Queen| 
Olatokunbo Somoye 
Valentine Anamelechi 
Andronia Adegbesan 

Advisor: Vernon R. Burza 

Members: Kristen Butler (President) 

Denise Worsley (Vice President) 

Tylethia To\vles(Secretary) 

Yemiah Cuny (Organizational King) 

Cianna Ajovon (Organizational Queen) 

Reylia Jones 

Stephani Williams 

Abidemi Fadiji 

Christine Snowden 

Jennifer Green-Butler 

Ambiance Dance Company 

Members: Bridget Butler (Presided 
I Tara Thorpe (Vice President) 
IChiara Ali (Secretary) 
[^Larnetta Matthews 
I Nicole Canton 
Lynette Glichrist 
Eynsey Brown 

fcennelle Fitzgerald 
■ l^organ Leak 
Kira Chapman 
asmine Fields 
rielle Smith 

Omega Psi Phi Fratumity Inc 

Membersjahvon Gordon (Pi-esident) 
Nick Gause (Vice President) 
Davyeon Groves (Treasurer) 
Roger Carey (Secretaiy) 
Edward Blamo 
DaShaun McNeely 
Joshua Hylton 

Senior Class 

kdvisor: Mrs. Lauresa Wigfall 

Ms. Yahshikiah William? 
Klembers: Donnell Williams (President) 
riffany Jones (Vice President) 
^isha Stevens (Treasurer) 
\,shley Jenifer (Secretaiy) 
^esean Walker (Organizational King) 
kacey Woods (Organizational Queen) 
[i^enell Roberts (Senator) 
Tiffany Floyd (Senator) 
A.licia McLean (Director of CominuniGations) 

American Marketing Association 

^ ^ 

PIBpisor: Dr. Moiiisha Das 
['Members: Jon Cottle (President) 
^ Whitney Wilson (Vice President) 

Jacques Pope-Ross (Treasurer) 

Brittany EUerbe (Secietary) 

Jason Patterson (Oiganizational King) 

Ebony Byrd (Organizational Queen) 

Tatiana Smith 

Jessica Richardson 

Tiflany Floyd 

Jeremy Carpenter 

Lamontt Allen 

Alecia Hai'ris 

Michael Walker 

Sasha Frederkick 

Miles Hill 

vfennifer Wisdom-Cot'ie 
JH|d Stephens 

U MES Gospel Choir 

sor: Dr. Delia Dameion-Johnsora 

Members: Kia Coleman (President.) 

Kenise Johnson (Vice President) 

Natasha Harden (Treasm^er) 

Khalilah Reed (Treasurer) 

Shavm Evans (Secretary) 

Clinn Parke (Secretary) 

Deangelo Conte (Organizational King) 

Brittany Howard (Organizational Queen| 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc 

Advisor: Maeve Morton 

Members: De' Maris Hannon (President) 

Danielle Bro\sni (\'ice- President) 

Cianna Ajavon (Treasurer) 

Taneiia Eborn (Secretar)) 

Sharde Bushrod 


Kia Q)lenian 

Exica Massey 

Rrislen Brown 

Kaylisha Gross 

Nateria Bennett 

Ashlev J<)hns<jn 

Katrina Dixon 

Akiah Di( kcrson 

Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc. 

Members: Jasmine Barber (Preside 
Tasha Wilson (Vice-President) 
Kelly-Ann McDonald (Treasurer) 
Jherica Burgess (Secretary) 

ita Royster (Asst. Secretary) 
!;herry Wooten . , ., , 

atrice Jackson 

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity 

■ Ad\'is6r: I)r. Thomas Mosely 

Members: Terrence Fishei' (President) 

Stanley Thigpen (Vice Piesident) 

Karl Binns Jr (Treasurer) 

Baron Gates (Secretary) 

Carl Barkely, Jr. 

Andre Fulton 

Colin Andrew's 


^ ' 

I %:-«,. 

:,tv X 


1 .,.,.___ 

«;. W 

M _ -i 






^H^JF ''V; '^H^ 



Ad\iso)~: James Lunnermon II 

Members: Atiya Penniz (President) 
Donte Patterson (Vice Pi-esident) 
('hantc Richardson (Treasurer) 
Brittam Morton (Secretary) 

Alphu Nu Omega Fraternity, Inc 

Advisoi-: Officer Shae Waters 

Members; Chris Ralleigh 
Brian Ajayi 
Jamal Drayton 
Olvsevn Ablona 

advisor: James Lunnermon, II 

lembers: DeLander Collins, jr. 
Anthony Jones (Vice President) 
Kevin Strothers (Treasurer) 
Tyrik Brown (Secretary) 
Earl Wallace 
Ayodale Olugbolagun 
Ryan Jones 
feaymond Lewis 

Student Organizations 

Action Anime Society 

Advent Student Fellowship 

Student Association African 

Airway Science Club Alpha Eta Rho 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. 

Ambiance Dance Company 

American Marketing Association 

Baptist Student Ministry 

Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society 

Biology Society 

Campus Pals 

Caribbean International Club 

Commuter Student Association 

Computer Science Club 

Criminal Justice/ Pre Law Society 

Dechire A La Mode 

Delta Tau Alpha 

Agricultural Honor Society 

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. 

Drama Society 

Eta Rho Mu Honor Society 

Ethiopian Student Association 

Exercise Science Club 

Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship 

Habitat for Humanity International 

Hawks Messenger Newspaper 

Human Ecology Club 

International Students Association 

Iota Phi Theta 

Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society 

Kappa Omicron Nu Honor Society 

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural 

Resources and Related .Sciences 


Muslim Student Association 

National Association for the Advancement of 
Colored People (NAACP) 
National Association of Black Accountants 
(Student Chapter) 

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) 
National Society of Minorities in Hospitality 

National Student Business League (NSBL) 
Omega Phi Psi Fraternity, Inc. 
Phi Alpha Delta (Law Fraternity) 
Phi Alpha Psi Sorority, Inc. 
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 
Phi Omicron Psi Fraternity, Inc. 
Praise Fellowship Organization 
Satellite (Spoken Word & Poetry) 
Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society 
Social Science Society 
Student Activity Advisory Board (SAAB) 
Student Security 

Student Rehabilitation Association 
Student Specialty Construction 
Sudanese Student Association 
Swing Phi Swing Social Fellowship 
Todah Hands-In-Ministry 
UMES Diamond Squad 
UMES Lions Club 
UMES Mentor Society 
UMES Pep Band 
UMES Pom Squad ^ 
Uniquely Defined 
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Mauresha Spencer 

To the Class of 2007: 

First I would like to extend my congratulations to the Class of 2007 
with the completion of their matriculation at our institution of higher 
learning. During your final year at the University of Maryland 
Eastern Shore you encountered many different obstacles that were 
placed in your path, but you found the guidance, searched for the 
wisdom of others, and acquired the strength from within to complete 
those requirements. On the day that you walk across stage, your 
name entered onto Hst of alumni that made this university great. As 
graduates, you have accomplished a task that only a small percentage 
of our population have obtained. Remember you experience here 
and that success within arms reached because it is easier to succeed 
than it is to fail. 

As a university, we made progressive strives into the right direction 
with administration, staff and the surrounding communities. 
Continue to help the university with its maturing to a level of 
greatness that is destined for UMES. 

In Conclusion, a HAWK is a student 
who has an unconditional love of our 
university and in order to achieve 
that love, you must leave a mark on 
this great institution of higher 

Mauresha Spencer 

2006- 2007 
A Year in Review 

Average price of gas: $3.06 

Price of a Midsize car: $8,759 

Price of an Ipod: $149.99 

Price of Milk: $1.99 

Playstation 3: $599.00 

Big Mac Extra Value Meal: $4.29 

Average price of CD: $12.75 

Blueray DVD Player: $700.00 

Enrollment at UMES: 4,130 students 

Cost of Tuition at UMES: 

Maryland Resident: $4,112.00 per year 

Non Maryland: $10, 679.00 per year 

The Year at a Glance 

The Year 2006 -2007 was a year full of excitement and loss. 
The Indianapolis Colts fans finally won a Super Bowl and 
President George W. Bush continued to send troops to help 
fight the war in Iraq. The world mourned the loss of some 
great musicians like Gerald Levert and James Brown. The 
Hurricane Katrina survivors are still seeking assistance from 
the US government and gas prices continue to rise. 

In this technology era computer "Geeks" were excited to 
welcome Microsoft's new program Vista. Television companies 
competed to see who could make the thinnest plasma or LCD 
television. This year was also exciting for new drivers. Lexus 
developed a car that could parallel park itself. It was the only 
car of it type to do so. Most family vans were being equipped 
with DVD players and TV monitors. SUVs were getting larger 
despite the price of gas. 

The Ipod continued to amaze it fans by developing the I 
Phone, which combined the famous Ipod and the new 
technology of a cell phone. Not only could you now send e-mail 
and do a powerpoint presentation on your phone but you could 
now listen to you favorite song or watch your favorite television 

In the entertainment world, Bob Barker, the longtime host of 
the show the Price is Right decided to retire after 35 years as the 
host. Kobe Bryant became the second player in NBA History to 
score four consecutive 50 point games. LaDainian Tomilson 
broke the NFL record for the most touchdowns in a single 
season with 31 (28 rushing). Everyone was doing the "Chicken 
Noodle Soup" and "Walk it Out." Beyonce was the hottest 
female artist and her fiance Jay Z came out of retirement with 
the album "Kingdom Come." 

These facts are just news today but when you look at this 
book ten or twenty years from now these facts will be apart of 
your history. These will be stories that you will tell your 
children and grandchildren over and over. So enjoy and 
remember where you were when these events took place. 


Coretta Scott King 

Couriesy of gupo-iitopia. com 

Coretta Scott King, the wife of civil 
rights activist Martin L. King, Jr 
died on January 2006 at the age of 


Katrina hits hard 

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest 
and most deadlist hurricane in the 
United States history. At least 1,836 
people died and over 80 billion 
dollars of damage was caused. The 
hurricane formedon August 23, 2006 
and caused devastation to the north- 
central Golf Coast of the United 

Saddam Husseien 

Saddam Husseien was captured on 
December 13, 2003 by US forces 
and was convicted of charges related 
to the executions of 148 Iraqi 
-Shi'ites. He was hung to death on 
December 30 ,2006. 

Courtesy of www.planel. nl 

Sean Carter also known as Jay Z is 
presently CEO of Def Jam Records 
and Roea Fella Records. He is also 
part owner of the New Jersey Nets 
and Co-Owns the 40/40 Club. Jay Z 
came out of retirement in 2006 with__ 
the album "Kingdom Come" which" 
sold 680,000 copies its first week. 

American Idol Winner 


Borak Obama is the junior United 
States Senator from Illinois and is 
the fifth African American senator in 
US history. On February 10, 2007 
he announced his candidacy for the 
2008 US preidential election. 

Jay Z comes out of 

Courtesy of Getty Imagei 

Taylor Hicks became the 5th 
American Idol with 63.4 million 
votes and released his self titled 
album on December 12, 2006. 

Running for The 

Oprah Winfrey school 
for Girls 

Courtesy of media.. 

James Brown, the God Father of 
Soul, a singer a songwriter who 
created a foundation of funk and 
provided the roots of rap, died on 
December 25, 2006 at the age of 73 
He was famous for songs such as, 
" Poppas got a brand new bag," "Sex" 
Machine," and "I Got that Feelin." 

Super Bowl XLI 

In Johannesbury, South Africa 
Oprah Winfrey opened for 
disadvantaged girls, fulling a promise 
she made to President Neslon 
Mandela siz years ago and giving 
more than 150 students a chance at 
a better future. 

James Brown 
"Godfather of Soul" 

Courtesy oJ'Fronlrovking. c( 

Tony Dungy became the first African 
American Head Coach to win a 
Super Bowl when the Indianapolis 
Colts beat the Chicago Bears in 
Super Bowl XLI. of 

The BIG Picture 

Tragedy in Lancaster 

On October 2, 2006 a gunman took 
hostage and killed five girls in a one 
room school house in Lancaster, PA. 
The story shocked the world and was 
broadcasted on every news station. 


Dream Girls rock the big 


Courtesv of Rcelmovie> 

Emmy Award Winning Journalist 
Ed Bradley dies at the age of 63 on 
November 9, 2006. Ed worked for 
CBS News for 35 years, appearing 
on shows such as 60 Minutes. 

The movie Dream Girls starring 
Jamie Fox. Beyonce Knowles, Eddie 
Murphy and Jennifer Hudson won 
three Golden Globes. Jennifer 
Hudson won an Academy Award for 
Best Supporting Actress and Eddie 
Murphy won an Academy Award for 
Best Supporting Actor. The movie 
grossed well over 102 million. 

Ed Bradley 



Courtesy of ami 

The Year In Re 



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